Evening Post: RowingRelated's First Birthday Today

The original RR banner, 10/11/2010
One year ago today, I started this website as a simple blog, having drawn the original logo on a piece of binder paper. Over the past year, it has grown more than I ever could have imagined, and for that I am both gratified and extremely thankful. The format of the site continues to evolve, and we'll be hard at work developing more content in the coming weeks and months, covering regattas for Rowing News and adding our own take on a host of subjects, related, of course, to rowing. From training and physiology, to technique, indoors and on the water, to breaking news and challenging the status quo, there is so much in store, and we're very excited to begin.

The second iteration of the RR banner, circa 1/1/2011
From day one, we've done our best to remain true to the original mission statement of RowingRelated – that being delivering thought-provoking content, and sharing our opinions honestly and openly (for the first ever post to RR, click here). The goal is, and always will be, to provide a resource for the greater rowing community, and to help develop the sport from the perspective of the athlete, coach, and the media at the junior, collegiate and elite levels.

Thanks very much to all from everyone at RowingRelated!


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