US Women's Lightweight Double Wins Event at Samsung World Rowing Cup II

The first international gold medal for the US in 2011 comes from the duo of Kristin Hedstrom and Julie Nichols, who fought off a strong push from the Germans to take the race in Hamburg over the weekend. The commentary from the race video was, well, amusing, but ultimately complimentary of the US crew that finished third in Munich behind two crews from Great Britain. In the men's single, Ken Jurkowski battled his way onto the podium in Hamburg, throwing down a furious sprint and taking the bronze medal despite crossing into the final 500m in fifth place. The race video was largely an extended cut of Mahe Drysdale rowing by himself in first place, though the commentators did notice Jurkowski as he crossed the line in third, and acknowledged his performance (which has sealed up his place on the US National Team for the 2011 Senior World Rowing Championships in Bled, Slovenia).

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