VOTW: Men's Varsity Eight Grand Final, ACRAs 2011

This week's VOTW comes to us thanks to the efforts of Michigan men's head coach Gregg Hartsuff and the ACRA regatta committee, and features a great race between the top club varsity eights in the country. Michigan and Virginia fight it out all the way down the course, while the rest of the field is left to battle for third place. 2011 Collegiate Lightweight Crash-B Champ Greg Flood, one of the captains of the Notre Dame varsity squad, helps the Irish gain a place on the podium, rounding out the medals with a best-ever finish for ND at the event. This Friday, RR interviews Matt Miller of UVa's varsity eight, about the season, this race, and the team's plans for Henley coming up in just a few short weeks.

Also, be sure to check out the coverage of the 109th IRA Regatta posted by Bryan on RowingNews.com, featuring photos and links to interviews with Mike Teti, Michael Callahan, Luke McGee, Crash-B Champion and Husky oarsman Conlin McCabe, as well as Hans Struzyna and others from the course in Cherry Hill over the weekend.

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