Video of the Week: Golden Blades of St. Petersburg

This week's video comes to us thanks to FISA's coverage of the first ever Golden Blades Regatta in St. Petersburg, Russia. The races were held in the heart of the city, and were 250m in length -- a very short sprint, which made the most of the event's prime location and viewing potential. The event was loaded with international talent, including a German men's eight (possibly their U23s?) and a women's eight from Canada, along with some big names in the men's 1x (Mahe Drysdale, Luka Spik) and women's 1x (Frida Svensson, Mirka Knapkova). The video includes interviews with several of the athletes as well as nice shots of the venue and the racing. This year marked the first running of the event, which FISA would like to become an annual regatta in St. Petersburg. For more, visit the official website of World Rowing.

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This is Henley week, so upcoming is an article with some picks and predictions, courtesy of an 'unnamed source' – suffice it to say that we know some people with keen eyes strolling along the Henley towpath, perhaps even at this very moment.

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