VOTW: The Stanford Invitational, 2011

Last week was a busy one at RR, with our first piece for Rowing News on the 2010 Cal Men's Varsity Eight throwing out the first pitch at a Giants game Wednesday night, and some great racing over the weekend at Redwood Shores. There were several barn burners, as Cal and Wisconsin showed some fantastic speed -- the Varsity Eight race was dead-even through 1500m, with Cal inching ahead as the two crews approached the line (both crews crossed in times within 4.5 seconds of the course record). Wisconsin's 2V got the better of Cal, who made a late push and came up short, while the Cal Frosh dominated -- this is a crew that may be on pace to win at IRAs this June.

This week's video, created and produced by RowingRelated, showcases the Varsity Eights from Cal and Wisco, Stanford and OSU, and Orange Coast College and UC Davis, as well as the Cal 3V pitted against 1V from Santa Clara University, the 2V race between Cal and Wisco, and Cal v. Wisco Freshman Eight race. In addition to the racing, Mike Teti was kind enough to give us his take on the Varsity Eight results. Thanks very much to Coach Teti for taking the time, and congratulations to all those who raced so well in Redwood City.

Note: The times included were copied from the results board at the course. The times taken for the Stanford v. OSU Varsity Eight race have since been adjusted, and now show Stanford taking first in a time of 5:53.0, with OSU coming across the line in 5:56.1.

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