VOTW: Canadian Men's VIII builds for Beijing

This week's video comes from the Toronto Star, and examines the build-up to the 2008 Olympic Games. The video features some nice shots of the Canadian men's squad training indoors and on the water, as well as short interviews with the athletes and legendary coach Mike Spracklen. The level of intensity within this training program is palpable, as is the willingness of the athletes to do absolutely whatever it takes to succeed at the Games. Spracklen's distinctive coaching style comes through, even in these short clips -- he is as famous for figuring out how to motivate his athletes as he is for his extremely demanding training regimens. As the collegiate season builds toward the Championship racing later this Spring, the short, subtle lessons about work and about team ethos from this video are well worth keeping in mind.

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Upcoming interview: Megan Kalmoe, UW All-American, 2008 Olympian 2012 Olympic hopeful.

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