VOTW: California v. Washington Dual, 2011

This week's video comes to us from The Montlake Cut in Washington, where the Bears took on the Huskies over the weekend for the 100th Schoch Cup. The match-up is the first head-to-head race between the two teams since the Bears came from behind to defeat UW in the Grand Final at the 2010 IRA Regatta, claiming the National Title by just over 0.2 seconds. The UW program is extremely deep, as was in evidence in the 2V and V4 races over the weekend, but Cal battled very well in the 1V, finishing just under 3 seconds back of the No. 1 ranked Huskies, and won the Frosh event by over 5 seconds.

The above video is gives a behind the scenes look at the racing over the weekend, as well as some quality footage from the racing.

UW Husky Crew's YouTube Channel also posted two other worth-while videos from this weekend. First, an interview with Hans Struzyna (2nd place in the Men's Open at the 2011 Crash B Championships):

And last, but certainly not least, a brief interview with UW Head Coach, Michael Callahan:

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