Video of the Week: Princeton's Austin Training Trip '11--The Movie

The video for this week comes to us from Princeton University via Texas -- a thorough look at Princeton Rowing's training trip to Austin, complete with some nice production values, great shots of rowing from all of the crews (both men's and women's squads), interviews with the coaches, and an an impressive amount of faffing, including the (disturbing) results of an intense facial hair competition among the members of the men's heavyweight squad -- the theme seems to have followed the cue from Andy Samberg's 'The Creep,' given the preponderance of John Waters-style pencil moustaches.

This past weekend marked the 11th annual 'Crash-P' erg race -- the indoor results are in, and we'll be taking a look this week at the upcoming match-up between Harvard and Princeton this season. Also, with March Madness looming, I thought we might work some rowing 'bracketology' (albeit of a simpler kind) into the mix, so check out the RR poll (top right on the RR homepage), and vote for the crew you think should be the No. 1 seeded men's lightweight varsity VIII going into Spring 2011.

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