From the Newsroom at RR: Mike Blomquist Making a Comeback?

Or maybe, don't call it a comeback. RR sources say that Harvard alumnus Michael Blomquist, multiple-time US National Team member, World Champion in the Men's VIII in 2005, and winner of the 2005 Boat Race with Oxford, may be on his way back to the States after leaving Molesey Boat Club (for the Americans in the audience, that's pronounced 'Mole-Zee') and the United Kingdom for a shot at representing the Stars and Stripes in 2012. Blomquist has had a number of successes at the World level, most recently placing a close fourth at the 2006 World Championships in Eton in the M4- along with Brett Newlin, Matt Schnobrich, and Josh Inman (to see their race, check out the earliest entry in the RR Video of the Week Archive). He also represented the US in the 4- at the 2001 and 2002 World Championships (Lucerne and Seville), placing sixth in the event on both occasions. Since his last appearance on the World stage in 2006, Blomquist has continued to train and race for Molesey BC, home to other internationals such as Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Mo Sbihi, Greg and Jonny Searle, and Tom Ransley, to name a few.

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