Day One: Statement of Purpose

I've been involved in the sport of rowing for about a decade at this point, and my interest continues to broaden as I get older—there is so much to explore, and so much to know about the physiological, psychological and technological aspects of rowing a boat, and seemingly so little time to acquire that knowledge. Four years of college rowing won't do it. When I finished my final erg test as a senior and put the handle down, I thought I had finished a long journey. Now, as I move further and further away from the intercollegiate experience, I feel more and more like I am still at the outset of a much longer Odyssey.

The goal of this blog is to develop yet another side of that interest in, or rather that fascination with, the sport. As Steve Gladstone famously says in All for One, "There has to be a passion; not a mild interest, but a passion." Perhaps that's the best explanation for the 95-99 year old category of racers at Crash-Bs. It's a sport that takes hold, and once it does, there is no letting go. The articles, posts and essays I will include here reflect my own opinions and observations, and I'll welcome any discussion (of a rational nature) that they produce.

Attention. Go.

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