Video: Watch the Last 250m of the Olympic Men's Pair Trials

Racing to the line at Olympic Trials (Screen capture)

Thanks to the Friends of Cal Crew YouTube channel, you can watch the sprint from this morning's race that determined who would be going to the Olympic Games in the men's pair.

The race broke down into a two-boat dual, with 2012 Olympian (who won this race last time around along with Stanford alum Silas Stafford) Tom Peszek—this time paired with Johann Rigogne—coming up just short in an epic sprint to the finish against Cal grad Nareg Guregian and Brown Bear Anders Weiss.

The top two crews clocked 6:21.10 and 6:22.23—both of which were significantly faster than Peszek and Stafford's very respectable 6:26 and change in the heat at the 2012 Olympics, when the Kiwi Pair recorded their straight up ludicrous World Best Time of 6:08.50. (Stafford and Peszek would later go on to place eighth overall.)

Not only was the pace impressive, it may also be a new American record.

Taking third was a combination of Mike Gennaro and Dariush Aghai (owner of arguably the best Twitter handle in all of rowing) in 6:29.55, with Tom Dethlefs and lightweight rower Will Daly coming in fourth overall in the final. For complete results, follow this link.


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