Video Of The Week: On the Water with UCLA Women's Rowing

On the water in Los Angeles (Graphic: B. Kitch)

This week's featured video comes to us from the (usually) sunny shores of Marina Del Rey, where RR joined the UCLA Bruins for a late-winter training session on the water.

While the morning started somewhat differently from normal, with a fog bank rolling in as the Bruins were arriving at the boathouse, the coaches and athletes adapted, and the session went smoothly after a 20-min warmup on the erg (that got quite a lot of attention on Instagram...see below). The Bruins have what looks to be a strong team this year, and will be hoping to shake things up come spring. With the season now just weeks away, it won't be long before the NCAA field begins to take shape in earnest.

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Thanks very much to head coach Amy Fuller Kearney and the Bruins for having us! Check out our last Inside a Training Session video, with Cal Women's Crew here.

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