#500daystogo: Helen Glover, Julien Bahain Reflect on Rio

#500daystogo = 500 days to row (Photo: B. Kitch)
Today marks 500 days to go until the Rio 2016 Olympics, and the social interwebs are alive with anticipation. That goes for the rowing world, too. Yesterday, Fitness First (UK) released the below video, featuring 2012 Olympic champion Helen Glover, alongside two of her Team GB peers, 2012 silver medalist swimmer Michael Jamieson and Olympic champion in Taekwando, Jade Jones.

"500 days is actually quite a big milestone for us," Glover says, "because I actually remember this day four years ago, before London, and there's definitely momentum building—there's definitely more interest, and a sense of urgency."

Meanwhile, Canadian sculler Julien Bahain, who will be aiming to make his third Olympic Games next year, also understands that it's about constantly making the most of the moment at hand. "Aiming for gold is one thing," Bahain explains in a recent piece for the Rowing Canada Aviron site. "Every rower or athlete around the world, training at this very moment, has this gold fire burning in his or her heart. But the ability to take a positive experience out of every single day will make the difference."

You can read further thoughts on the significance of the day from 2012 champion in the M4-, Alex Gregory, via his personal blog, as well as a number of other GB athletes in British Rowing's most recent article.

What does #500daystogo mean to you?


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