Friday-Edition, Reader-Submitted, Double-Feature Video Of The Week: Training with Hampton School and Jes Rowing

This week's featured videos are thanks to you, the reader—both of these nicely edited training films were submitted via the RR Facebook page, and offer a window into a season of rowing with Hampton School Boat Club (England) and Jes Rowing, or rather, Coláiste Iognáid Rowing Club (Ireland). HSBC is fresh off a second-consecutive Henley Saturday appearance—Hampton School edged Brunswick (USA) on Friday by a quarter of a length, only to fall to St. Edward's (the eventual runner-up to Eton College) in the semifinal—that capped off a successful season, while Jes Rowing recently competed at the Irish national rowing championships, winning silver behind Skibbereen in the men's J14 coxed quad. The video below shows the Jes crew training on the River Corrib in Galway.

Thanks to Rob and Daragh for submitting the videos! Have a submission for 'Video Of The Week?' Shoot us an email at rowingrelated [at] gmail [dot] com, send us your suggestions via Twitter, or get in touch via our Facebook or Google+ pages.

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