Video Of The Week: Flashback Friday to the 2010 Windermere Cup

This week's video anticipates tomorrow's 2014 Opening Day Regatta with a look back at the Windermere Cup from four years ago, when Oxford came across to take on the Huskies and the Syracuse Orange on the Montlake Cut. The Oxford crew included a number of standout Blues, among them Ante Kusurin and Sjeord Hamburger, while the Husky lineup counted Conlin McCabe, Ty Otto, Mathis Jessen, and Tom Lehmann among their crew. The video gives a thorough, behind-the-scenes perspective on the event, including interviews with the athletes and Washington men's head coach Mike Callahan.

The 2014 Windermere Cup will again see a challenger from across the pond take on the Huskies—this time, however, it's a crew made up of GB squad members who bring a great deal of international racing experience to Seattle. The most experienced and decorated member of the rower among them is Dan Ritchie, who was bow seat of the 2013 world champion GB men's eight, and there are a number of development athletes in the mix as well. On the women's side, a very strong Washington crew (that suffered a close loss to arch rival California last weekend at Redwood Shores) stroked by Canadian Olympian Patricia Obee will tackle another talented GB lineup coxed by Zoe de Toledo. The GB crew includes four rowers with senior-level international experience (Zoe Lee, Caragh McMurtry, Olivia Carnegie-Brown, and Rosamund Bradbury). For a thorough look at the athletes and crews getting ready to battle it out on the Cut this weekend, check out Daniel Spring's preview article here. (Spring is predicting a double-victory for Great Britain—do you agree?)

For more information on the 2014 Opening Day Regatta and Windermere Cup, please visit the official website of the University of Washington Athletics Department.

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