Video of the Week: The Searle Brothers, 1992

This week's video comes to us from the 1992 Games in Barcelona, and is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, sprints in Olympic rowing history. The brothers from Britain move through the Abbagnale brothers of Italy -- the reigning World Champions at the time, and the favorites to win the event—and manage to do so within the last 300m of the race. Only in the coxed pair can you effect such a huge change of speeds in so little time. Greg and Jonny Searle are nothing if not patient—they leave it so late that the first time I watched this race, I couldn't believe they were going to come back, even though I already knew the outcome. Greg Searle, now 38 years old, has recently made a comeback to the GB National Team, and hopes to race once again for Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics. It would be his fourth Olympics as an oarsman. He's made a good effort so far, working his way through trials and into the GB VIII, which won a silver medal in Karapiro last November.


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