WATCH: Oxford Brookes Rowing Take on Both Shades of Blue in London

It's nearly time for the Boat Race, and both Oxford and Cambridge will be in the midst of intense training cycles before tapering down to the big day. Still, Oxford Brookes is in top form (preparing for the Head of the River in their own right), and when all was said and done, it was nothing short of a historic week for Brookes on the Tideway.

"This is the first time a Brookes crew has beaten both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year, and it is testament to the strength in depth of the squad that the 2nd VIII also beat both Goldie and Isis." —BROOKES|Rowing

The first of the two fixtures was against Oxford.

As you'd expect, both pieces are extremely hard fought, with Brookes only taking a real advantage in the first piece in the final minute (an advantage that they push out to roughly 3/4 of a length by the end).

The second fixture, held just last weekend, came against Cambridge.

Rather amazingly, the two pieces look almost identical to those against Oxford, though with Cambridge perhaps holding onto Brookes a bit more at the end of the second piece.

Based on the above, we have a lot of great racing to look forward to this spring—not only the Boat Race itself, but also the 2018 Windermere Cup, where Brookes will take on the Washington Husky men in Seattle (the Washington women will race a national team crew from the Netherlands).


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