Rowing Video Of The Week: Princeton Tigers Take On Jonas, Tampa

Flat water in Tampa, with the Princeton Tigers (Screen capture)

The Princeton Tigers almost didn't make it to Tampa this year. But then they did. And they crushed it.

Figuratively, we mean. Not only does this week's featured video include some nifty rowing, it's also chock full of special effects, including a dramatic reenactment of #StormJonas, as well as a bird's eye view of their safe landing at Tampa International Airport.

It's not 100% banter, though—the video does offer a quick glimpse of the Tiger lightweights and heavyweights on hand for some significant mileage to make up for lost time (#NoMoreJonas). And, there's been much to see on Instagram this week, as the Tigers were posting and tagging up a storm of their own—a storm of...rowing. Good rowing.

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Until, of course, it was time to come home.

All too soon, it appears.

You can check out highlights from the Tigers' Tampa trips in 2015, and 2013 by following the links.

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