Video(s) Of The Week: Two South American Views of Pan Ams, 2015

The Brazilian men's double training in Rio (Screen capture)

This week's featured videos offer two views of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, one from Chile, and the other from Brazil.

The first is a celebration of the Abraham Sisters, Antonia and Melita, of Chile, who scored a silver medal in the women's pair at St. Catharines, ahead of home-country favorites Canada. The video ties together some of the event coverage, and even goes back to early training footage of the sisters as they worked hard to move up the ranks—all of that work paid off at Pan Ams.

Remarkably, the Abraham Sisters are only half of the equation—they also have two twin brothers (Alfredo and Ignacio), and together may be the only set of rowing quadruplets in the world. Last year, FISA published an article about the family, as all four Abrahams raced at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

Our second featured video comes to us from Rio de Janeiro, and offers a look at the course that will play host to the 2016 Olympic Rowing Regatta, as well as some nice training footage of Brazilian athletes preparing for Pan American Games. Shown in the video are the Brazilian lightweight (Ailson Eraclito da Silva, Thiago Pereira Carvalho) and heavyweight (Emanuel Dantas Borges, Diego Donizette Nazario) men's doubles, who both finished in the B Finals (placing seventh and eighth, respectively) in St. Catharines.

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