Video Of The Week: Team GB Training in Avis, Portugal

This week's video offers an inside look at the GB men's rowing team during their training camp in Avis, Portugal earlier this year, and while it's certainly not short of scenery and context, what makes this video worthwhile is the amount of very high quality technical rowing—a good reminder of the finer points of the sport in the midst of summer racing season. Speaking of summer racing, the Holland Beker is set to take place this weekend on the Bosbaan in Amsterdam, and there will be a number of familiar faces from World Rowing Cup II on hand, including Julien Bahain—the French Olympian is now racing for Canada (and just placed sixth overall in the men's single in Aiguebelette). Earlier today, Bahain took on Roel Braas over a 200m course at the Aegon City Sprints in Amsterdam, and, from the look of it, Bahain came out on top.

Meanwhile, winner of the men's single in Aiguebelette, Mahé Drysdale, will be gearing up for another run at Henley Royal Regatta—Drysdale won back-to-back victories in the Diamond Challenge Sculls at Henley in 2009 and 2010.

The list of entries for Henley 2014 has been released, and the Qualifying Races will take place tomorrow on the regatta course. For more information, updates, and schedules from Henley Royal Regatta, visit the official website of the event, and keep an eye on our Twitter feed for news as it breaks. We'll have more thoughts on Henley over the next several days, once the qualifiers are in the books.


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