Lightweights on Land: Making Waves in 2014

It has been another outstanding season of training for lightweights at the international level, with Olympians continuing to reach new heights on land. At the Euro Open Indoor Championships, Henrik Stephansen recently equalled his world record of a year ago, posting a 5:56.7, while 'retired' Thomas Keller Award winner, Eskild Ebbesen, set a new world record for the 40-49 category, with a 6:16.8. Meanwhile in Oklahoma, U.S. Olympian Will Daly has been breaking records as well.

This came just days after Daly set a new world lightweight world record for 60 minutes. (Congrats to Meghan O'Leary on her record as well!)

Not to be outdone, Italian Olympian Elia Luini has also been hard at work indoors. How hard has he been working? Check out his 3x10k, 5 min. rest workout from February 1, 2014.

All of the above lightweights have already competed at one or more Olympic Games (in Ebbesen's case, try five Olympics—and five medals), and all are continuing to make gains. In the hashtaggy words of Will Daly, "train insane or stay the same." As if you needed any further motivation for the next time you strap your feet in on the erg.


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