Changing of the Guard Continues in International Rowing: Ginn steps out of crew, into launch

December 2012 issue of Rowing Magazine
With midsummer approaching Down Under, a wave of retirements in the international rowing community has already drastically changed the landscape for the 2013 season, with the most recent announcement coming from Rowing Australia: four-time Olympic medalist Drew Ginn has decided to trade in his oar for a megaphone, and will be taking on a new role as joint head coach of the Aussie national team, alongside long-time coach Chris O'Brien. Not long ago, Kiwi Olympic bronze medalist Juliette Haigh announced her retirement from international rowing, as did Kiwi Matthew Trott, and it appears that Mahé Drysdale may be on the verge of calling it quits as well, after winning his first Olympic gold medal in London. Here in the U.S., Luke McGee and Bryan Volpenhein will be the new duo in charge of the U.S. men's team, as we've already discussed, while the DRV (Deutscher Ruderverband) will have to move on without the architect of their phenomenal success this quadrennium, following the departure of Hartmut Buschbacher. How things will shake out in 2013 remains a mystery, but it does appear that there is an ongoing changing of the guard in world rowing, with a number of younger coaches taking on new, prominent roles at the outset of a new quadrennium.

2012 is winding down, and what better time to reflect on the events that shaped such an amazing year in our sport? That's what the current issue of Rowing Magazine (pictured above) is all about, and we selected some of our favorite moments and top highlights from an outstanding, full summer of racing, which included (arguably) the most competitive Olympic Rowing Regatta to date. In this issue, you'll also find my in-depth interview with Luke and Portia McGee, as Luke makes begins his work as U.S. men's coach in Princeton.

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Congratulations to Drew Ginn, Juliette Haigh, and Matthew Trott on your athletic careers–you're all outstanding competitors, we'll miss watching you in action on the water, though, in Drew's case, at least we can take solace in the fact that you'll be guiding the next generation of Aussie oarsmen!


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