The 2012 Big Row: Cal v. Stanford in Honor of Jill Costello

The above video covers the intercollegiate events from the 2012 Big Row, pitting the No. 1 Cal women against No. 12 Stanford, and the No. 9 Cardinal men against No. 4 Cal on a beautiful Saturday at Redwood Shores. In honor of Jill Costello (see the Sports Illustrated story on her here), the athletes donned special uniforms (the Stanford men and women with a pink block 'S' on their jerseys, and the Cal men with a pink block 'C' with 'Jill' written below in script, while the Cal women wore jerseys in Jill's favorite color, with 'Team Jill' emblazoned on the front). The order of events follows the schedule on Saturday, with the men's junior varsity event first, followed by the frosh eights, the women's varsity fours, the women's second varsity eights, and finally the women's and men's varsity eights. Following the racing, the Cal and Stanford coaches came together in support of the event as a means to carry forward Jill's legacy as an athlete, teammate, and friend.

For more on Jill's Legacy and the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, please follow the links provided. The next event in a growing tradition among rowers, the 'Jog for Jill' series, is set to take place in Ohio this June.

Still to come on RR: The rumors are flying about the U.S. men's eight, but official word has not yet been released. More to come here as well as on once the lineup is announced by USRowing. 


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