Video of the Week: NCAA Early Season - Michigan v. Brown v. Princeton

The Michigan Wolverines got the season started with a bang, defeating NCAA grand finalists Princeton and Brown in this spring match up and making their intentions clear for the 2012 season. The Tigers had an undefeated season in the varsity eight last year, but lost some horsepower and experience, including Canadian U23 world champion Lauren Wilkinson. Brown–having snuck up on the competition once again to win yet another NCAA team title last year–often seems to find its speed late, so while the Bears were out of the mix in this contest, you can never count them out when championship racing season arrives.

The San Diego Crew Classic took place over the weekend, so it's time for us to take a look at the top performers and see how we did with our picks–keep an eye out for updates to come this week, as well as Part II of our interview with Nick Trojan, to be posted this Friday.

Thanks to Princeton Crew for posting the high quality video to their YouTube Channel!


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