Weekend Interview: Kim Crow of Rowing Australia on Radio Sport National

The above interview with Australia's Kim Crow (who took silver in the W2x with Kerry Hore, behind Anna Watkins and Katherine Grainger of Team GB) provides a great deal of insight into selection and training with Rowing Australia, her recent win at the New South Wales State Championships in the double, racing experience and gearing up for the Games, and the changes coming for the Boat Race–scheduled to become 'the Boat Races' in 2015, with the women's event joining the men's on the Tideway in London. Crow's discussion of the athletes and training system in Australia is particularly interesting, and emphasizes the long-term nature of athletic commitment to Olympic sport there (she mentions that it is fairly common for athletes to take a year off following an Olympic cycle before beginning in earnest for the next Games, while in the U.S. the turnover tends to me much higher).

On the men's side, Rowing New Zealand's national trials are fast approaching, and Eric Murray of the Kiwi Pair has elected to do another 2k test–this time it will be on a standard erg (his last test of 5:41 was posted on a Dynamic). His goal? 5:40.


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