Video Of The Week: On the water with the Princeton Tigers in Tampa

Pinceton's 2015 winter training camp (Screen capture)
This week's video comes to us via the Ivy League Digital Network, and features the Princeton Tigers during their winter training trip to Tampa last month. In addition to a host of on-the-water shots and footage from the coach's launch, Tiger men's head coach Greg Hughes offers an inside look at a new onboard telemetry system that the Tigers have begun using to measure individual and crew output in the boat. And, the Tiger coaching staff was joined on the trip by biomechanics expert Connie Draper (for a video interview with Draper, please see this post thanks to Tom Carter), who has worked with the Australian Institute of Sport, and who helped to interpret and make the most of the newly available data.

Also featured: The annual Tiger men's mustache competition—and the results, as usual, are solid. Imagine if these men were to one day turn their talents to #movember? By all appearances, it was a great camp, and it's tough to beat having all of your rowing programs be able to travel together.

Coming up this week: The first in our Best Rowing Drills series—UVa's Kevin Sauer on his favorite five

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