Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Interview: 2012 Olympian Gevvie Stone on racing (and winning) at Silver Skiff

The Silver Skiff course in Turin, Italy (Photo courtesy of Gevvie Stone)

Gevvie Stone is no stranger to success in the single, nor over the long course. However, her recent trip to Italy put her in unfamiliar territory in more ways than one: Stone had never visited the country before, nor had she experienced the Silver Skiff International Endurance Race—a 40-plus-minute slog on a tricky course. Still, Stone's pedigree showed. When all was said and done, she had finished 48th overall in a field of more than 500, and had won the women's elite event ahead of 2013 winner (and four-time Olympian) Julia Levina of Russia. Here, we catch up with her about the travel, preparation, racing, and (most importantly) the gelato.

For more on Stone's rowing career, check out her earlier RR interview from 2012 here. Thanks again to Gevvie for taking the time!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Video Of The Week: Why We Love (Row) New York

This week's video comes to us thanks to Row New York, and is a reminder of the very best that the rowing community has to offer. It follows one member of the Row New York crew, Rehan, who gradually lost most of his vision roughly a decade ago. While he coped with the changes stoically, he also discovered something in rowing that has given him a new outlet to experience the outdoors, as well as access to a community of equally extraordinary people, who ply the waters alongside him. It's a beautiful story, at once heart-warming and humbling.

Thanks to Row New York for all that you do, and for sharing this with us.

You can learn more about Row New York via their website (linked above), where you can donate, or following along via their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. And for more insight on just how much visually impaired athletes can excel in rowing, check out our interview from last year with Paralympian Andrew Johnson. Also, read more about Row New York's adaptive rowing program in this article by Executive Director Amanda Kraus, published earlier this week via Huffington Post Sports.

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So, are Naked Rowing Calendars a Thing Now?

Warwick rowers are all in again this year (Photo courtesy of Warwick Boat Club) 

The phenomenon started four years ago with the Warwick Rowing men's squad. Then, the following year, the Warwick women's team joined the fray. Now, Newcastle University's men and women are back on the naked calendar train. So, the question is, have rowing and naked calendars become a thing?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Video Of The Week: 'Succession' with the Swiss Men's Quad

This week's video comes to us from the Swiss national team, and features their heavyweight men's quad that defended their U23 world title last summer, and (with two switches—Nico Stahlberg and David Arreger in for U23 athletes Damien Tollardo and Barnabe Delarze) went on to place sixth overall at the 2014 World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam. Not only are these guys slick on the water, but check out this balance training that Delarze is doing at 3:49—who says you can't work on boat stability on land? The video is nicely shot and features a number of (subtitled) interviews for those unfamiliar with Swiss French, as well as a great deal of off the water banter. Also, it offers access to their race planning session, and the calls that will be made as they move down the course—always of interest to athletes and coaches.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Oxford's Mike DiSanto Checks in after the Head of the River Fours

Oxford University racing the Head of the River Fours (Photo courtesy of Mike DiSanto)
Harvard alum Mike DiSanto, who recently returned from a trip to New Zealand for the Gallagher Great Race, is back and training once again with Oxford University Boat Club—and, evidently, it's going well. DiSanto and his teammates turned a lot of heads on the Thames a week ago with their performance in the men's elite four with coxswain—an event that they won, while placing ninth among all crews (yes, in a field that included quads and straight fours). The following is the first dispatch from Mike for RR about his training and racing with OUBC, with more to come as winter looms.