Announcing the New RowingRelated Newsletter for 2019

As you might have already seen, we've launched via the Substack newsletter platform with our first free post, "The Future of Rowing at the Olympics: How Rowing Should Adapt to Stay Relevant—and Grow its Base—on the World's Grandest Stage."  You can sign up for our newsletter on the Substack site, as outlined below.

How it works

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We want to do this the right way. That is, independent, unbiased, ad-free content for people who love rowing. We need your help to do that, and we promise to make up the 2 missed coffees or 1 missed beer a month it’ll cost you to subscribe. (We know that’s a big ask.)

Premium gets you:
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In the meantime, our eight years of free content will remain right here, on, and we'll post occasional updates here as well. Here are some of our most popular stories through the years:

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