Olympics Vlog: Clips from London and Eton

What a trip! The above video is composed of a series of clips, shot over the last two weeks, following the trip out to Windsor, as well as a walking tour of Central London. First off is the Olympic Torch onboard the Royal Barge, Gloriana (you have to look carefully, but it's there–admittedly, it's more visible in the still shot), as it progressed through Barnes Bridge on the way Central London. The trip to the course featured a train ride, bus transport, and a mile and a half of walking to reach the entrance–fortunately, it was a beautiful walk, amid an excited group of rowing enthusiasts. Finally, walking around Central London along with Steve Kasprzyk and Iain Weir was quite a trip in itself!

Thanks to all who made it such a great time, as well as to all those out there who followed along the way!


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